Building an inclusive play environment is already a profession in the US and Europe. The development of the profession is led by professional knowledge, a certification system, design standards, a practice guide and even policies. In order to inspire personnel in the sector and tertiary students to learn about inclusive play, we have held internationally recognized courses, seminars, training sessions, workshops and forums over the years. Amongst them, we introduced the first-ever playground safety inspection course from the US in 2009. Moreover, we organized the “Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition” in 2015 to encourage professionals and students to apply what they have learned. The ideas of the winning concepts were adopted by the Architectural Services Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and then incorporated in the design blueprint of the children playground in Tuen Mun Park.

In order to strengthen the knowledge of professionals, we brought together experts from around the world to publish the first-ever “Inclusive Play Space Guide” in 2016 which took into account conditions in Hong Kong. The Guide establishes comprehensive and globalized standards for local professionals’ reference.


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